Environmental Policy


Reuse Trading NV is committed to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner. This includes acknowledging all risks associated with our operations. As we recognize that the company’s activities across the supply chain have both a direct and indirect impact on the environment, we have established this environmental policy to convey our dedication towards finding ways to reduce these impacts or eliminate them when possible.

This Environmental policy applies to every team member at Reuse Trading NV. That said, all our stakeholders are expected to respect all principles mentioned in this policy as it is important for us to work with people whose commitments are aligned with ours.

Key points

  • Operate in compliance with all national and international requirements which relate to the company’s environmental commitments.
  • Incorporate environmental risks when conducting the risk identification process.
  • Minimize the company’s waste as much as possible. This is to be done by reducing printing papers, recycle, and repair when possible.
  • Gather data related to the company’s Green Gas House Emissions and commit to a reduction strategy.
  • Commit to a fully electric commuting policy to and from the office.
  • Commit to optimizing the company’s ecological footprint on all business travels.
  • Integrate responsible environmental management in all the company’s planning and decision making.
  • Communicate the company’s environmental commitments to all stakeholders, be it internally or externally.
  • Work with both suppliers and clients to promote environmental awareness by encouraging reduction targets across the supply chain.
  • Promote further awareness and skills of our employees to broaden their involvement in the company’s environmental short- and long-term plans.


As part of Reuse Trading NV’s new sustainability strategy, our environmental responsibility be it internally or along the supply chain, lies within one of the company’s core principles. Hence, the company has a commitment towards improving its environmental obligations in every possible area.