Our CSR Initiatives


EyeD Pharma Initiative

Reuse Trading has taken part in an honorable initiative established by EyeD Pharma, the lead player in the development and production of micro-implants for the treatment of cataracts or myopia. Individuals suffering from ophthalmology disorders in Basankusu, an area located in the Democratic Republic of Congo, were given the opportunity to receive intra-ocular implants to treat cataracts or myopia.



Contribution to Mano Central High School

One of the initiatives we set in motion is our contribution to Mano Central High School.  It revolves around good quality education and poverty reduction. To that end, Reuse Trading has visited Mano Central High School, located in Bomi County, Liberia, and documented their concerns and needs. A major contribution to the school will be made, in which a variety of schoolbooks for each subject will be distributed to each grade to ensure that the quality of education rises up to a higher standard.


Employee Engagement

Walk2COP27 is an initiative backed by the United Nations to meet the net zero approach. Each participant is encouraged to walk, run, cycle or wheelchair as far as they can over 50 days, in their chosen locations. Participant progress will be tracked on the platform atlasGO, trees will be planted by the Jane Goodall Institute for kilometres travelled, and team and individual leader boards will be published at the end of each stage. The atlasGO platform enables participants to post pictures of their achievements into the feed for the entire community to see, check on individual/team and total community progress, and chat within teams. At Reuse Trading we are in absolute support of the net zero approach. To that end, we are contributing to it while having some fun.

Team Building Trip To Marrakech 

Every two years, Reuse Trading organizes a team building trip whereby all employees are gifted a trip to a chosen destination. This is done as an act of gratefulness to our team for all the hard work they put in every day. They are our biggest asset and we truly appreciate them. This year’s trip was to Marrakech.


Sports Initiatives

Once a month, every team member who wishes to take part in a cycling activity is invited to bike in and around Antwerp after work. Team members usually bike for around 80Km. Check out their awesome designed Reuse outfit! The activity always ends with well deserved treats.

That said, other sports initiatives are organized as well on a monthly basis based on the team’s preferred sports. Soccer and Paddle are some of their favorite activities.