Sustainability Policy

Introduction and Commitment

At REUSE Trading NV, we are committed to conducting our trading and logistics operations in a manner that promotes sustainability, responsible sourcing, and ethical business practices. We recognize our role in shaping a more sustainable future and are dedicated to upholding the principles outlined in this policy. As a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), and a holder of the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC), we reaffirm our commitment to align our activities with these esteemed organizations’ standards.

Responsible Sourcing

We are dedicated to sourcing and trading commodity products, including palm oil, in a responsible and sustainable manner. We pledge to prioritize suppliers and partners who share our commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Our sourcing decisions will adhere to the principles of transparency, traceability, and legality. We will actively work towards eliminating products associated with deforestation, habitat destruction, and illegal practices from our supply chain.

Sustainable Palm Oil Commitment

As an RSPO member, we are fully committed to the production and trade of sustainable palm oil. We will actively promote the adoption of RSPO principles and criteria throughout our supply chain, advocating for responsible palm oil cultivation practices that protect the environment, local communities, and workers’ rights. We will engage with suppliers and stakeholders to ensure that palm oil sourced and traded by our company is produced without causing harm to forests, biodiversity, or human rights.

Ethical Business Practices

We embrace the principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and pledge to integrate its ten principles into our business operations. We are committed to upholding human rights, labor standards, environmental protection, and anti-corruption measures in all our activities. We will promote fair labor practices, diversity and inclusion, and the well-being of communities affected by our operations.

Certification and Compliance

As an ISCC certified company, we will consistently adhere to the requirements of the certification to ensure the sustainability of our supply chain. We will conduct regular assessments, audits, and verifications to verify compliance with ISCC standards. Any discrepancies or non-compliance will be addressed promptly to maintain the integrity of our certification.

Stakeholder Engagement

We recognize the importance of collaboration with stakeholders to drive sustainable change. We will actively engage with customers, suppliers, local communities, NGOs, and industry peers to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and jointly develop solutions for a more sustainable trading and logistics industry.

Continuous Improvement

We are committed to continuously improving our sustainability performance. This includes setting and reviewing sustainability goals, tracking key performance indicators, and implementing corrective actions when necessary. We will regularly communicate our progress and challenges transparently to our stakeholders.


We will publish regular sustainability reports to communicate our progress, challenges, and initiatives to our stakeholders. These reports will provide transparent insights into our efforts to uphold our commitments.


This sustainability policy is a testament to our dedication to responsible trading and logistics. By adhering to the principles outlined in this policy and collaborating with our stakeholders, we aim to contribute positively to the environment, society, and economy, while ensuring the long-term viability of our business operations.