Sustainability Framework

Supply chain has a big impact on the ecological footprint of the world we live in. From raw materials sourcing to production, storage, delivery, and every transportation link in between, they all contribute somehow to environmental and social risks. However, by sourcing responsibly, taking into account social and environmental concerns in all operations and reducing the company’s environmental footprints, positive change is possible. As Reuse Trading is aware of those challenges present across the supply chain, we have decided to establish a set of commitments and Key Performance Indicators to work around these promises and make sure they’re truly being implemented, while measuring their effectiveness. We want to operate in a way that ensures sustainable activities for years to come. For that reason, certain policies have been put in place showing our commitment to operating responsibly and conducting business in a sustainable way and with integrity. They apply to all our stakeholders, both internal and external. It is by collaborating with all our stakeholders that we aim to tackle environmental and social problems across the supply chain and ensure a better future for generations to come.