Responsible Purchasing Policy


For achieving commercial success, Reuse Trading is committed to respecting social, environmental, and commercial behavior in all areas of its operations. The company recognizes that it cannot grow without a sustainable bond of trust. For that reason, we aim to be transparent about our mission and core values and how we meet them by introducing this code of conduct, which sets out the principles in which all suppliers and business relations would know what is expected from them, and what to expect from the company in return.

These business principles are the ultimate foundation on which the corporate culture is built and they are maintained at the company, both internally and externally.

These principles are constantly updated based on how our stakeholders’ needs are evolving. This includes our communities, customers, employees, suppliers, business partners and shareholders.

Our Vision: A bridge to progress in emerging markets

Our Mission: Develop markets through customer demand while bridging the gap between sustainability and supply chain

Core Values:

  • Promote ethical behavior and tackle environmental, human rights, health and safety issues across the supply chain.
  • Build relationships based on mutual trust and transparency in our operations.
  • Focus on achieving results while maintaining employee and stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Continuously improving.

Procurement Management

As Reuse Trading is committed to operating sustainably across its supply chain, the company has developed this code of conduct to minimize the risks associated within its supply chain as much as possible. While the company understands that a one fits all approach cannot be applicable to all its suppliers as different practices may occur, there are certain ethical principles that the company cannot overlook. They will be mentioned in this code of conduct. These principles will be shared with every signed contract and every placed order. All our suppliers are expected to be in compliance with this code.


Every supplier Reuse Trading works with is responsible for fully complying with the principles mentioned in this document.

Suppliers shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations, contractual agreements as well as with generally applicable standards. This includes Anti-Money Laundering, Combatting Financial Terrorism, and Anti-bribery Laws.

Suppliers are expected to continuously monitor their risks, address how to manage them, and ensure improvement in their sustainability performance. This is measured by available certifications, sustainability frameworks, codes of ethics, and their compliance with national and international regulations.

In accordance with the measures introduced by all EU member states relating to non-cooperative jurisdictions for tax purposes, Reuse Trading will not work with companies registered under the EU list of non-cooperative jurisdictions unless they are able to provide proof of their company’s functionality, transparency, fair taxation and the implementation of the OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting minimum standards.

No Corruption

Corruption is any abuse of power for any private gain, be it in any form whether through bribery, gifts, or donations. Hence, suppliers are expected to comply with local and international recognized anti corruptions laws and regulations. At Reuse Trading, it is encouraged to work with suppliers who demonstrate their commitment to anti-corruption in their company.

Fair Competition

Reuse Trading supports open and fair competition.  Whether done directly or indirectly, all anti-competitive activities are prohibited. To that end, suppliers shall comply with all laws related to fair competition.

Suppliers shall only sell products that meet the requested specifications and are at a competitive price.

Contacting competitors for issues related to pricing, costs, and conditions of sales is not allowed. Disclosing end clients is also not allowed.

Suppliers shall ensure that the company’s confidential information is protected and will comply with all applicable data privacy laws.

Responsible Marketing

As Reuse Trading is committed to full transparency with its clients, suppliers are expected to communicate any information about their material and products in an accurate manner that is not misleading and in compliance with regulatory standards. Suppliers are expected to have quality procedures a well as safety and quality certificates.

Human Rights

Behaving ethically is one of the company’s core principles, and therefore recognizing human rights is not only a commitment but a duty. Reuse Trading does not tolerate any human rights abuse across its supply chain. To that end, the company endorses the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights and expects the same from its suppliers. Suppliers should comply with all applicable laws subject to human rights violations. This entails:

Fair Treatment

Our employee’s well being lies within the company’s top priority, and the same is expected from our suppliers. We expect the companies we work with to have the same environment in which we operate; that requires treating people with dignity, decency, and mutual respect.

No Child labor and Slavery

Suppliers shall operate in conformity with internationally recognized legislations on child labor such as the International Labor Organization and the United Nations Global Compact Principles. The same applies to Slavery or any forced labor as this is a human rights violation.

No Harassment

Suppliers shall ensure that their employees are not subjected to psychological, verbal, sexual or physical harassment or any other form of abuse in their company. Harassment could include undesirable communication, conduct or actions that could be offensive, demeaning or humiliating to any member of the company. Any complaint brought forward shall be investigated by the company and delt with in an objective and timely manner by taking the necessary actions required.

Equal opportunity and Non-Discrimination

Suppliers shall ensure that their employees are not subject to any form of discrimination based on race, ethnic origin, national origin, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership, political affiliation, age, or any other social condition.


Suppliers are expected to follow appropriate work hours within their company as well as minimum wages and compensation regulations based on applicable laws.

Occupational Health

Suppliers should have internal regulations as how to they implemented health and safety in the workplace. They should provide their employees with proper training to ensure work related injuries are prevented.

Environmental Responsibility

Reuse Trading understands the importance and responsibility of identifying and mitigating environmental risks associated with the business, be it internally or along its supply chain operations.

Reuse Trading has several rules in place regarding waste management in the workplace, which include recycling, reusing, and regulating waste disposal and most importantly, reducing its ecofootprint. The same is expected from our suppliers.

We only work with clients and suppliers who have proper measures in place regarding sustainability. This is identified during the Know Your Customer process or the Know Your Supplier process which the company undergoes prior to any business engagement.

As Reuse Trading is an RSPO member and ISCC certified, compliance with recognized principles and criteria’s lies within the company’s top priority. Thus, any supplier who does not comply with obligations of monitoring and reporting, waste and emission, resource conservation, climate protection and traceability shall not work with us. All sustainable efforts or certifications that suppliers may have, are required to be presented prior to any business operation.


The objective of this code of conduct is to ensure all suppliers associated with Reuse Trading understand the company’s commitments and expectations from its stakeholders. Thus, this document serves as a guide to businesses to prevent wrongdoing. It aims to promote business operations with ethical behavior and in conformity with national and international laws.

Suppliers are advised to follow the above-mentioned rules and approach us in the event of any uncertainty.